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Endowment mortgage shortfall

Question: I have an endowment mortgage on my home and the 20 year term will be up shortly.  However it looks like there is going to be a shortfall in my endowment fund and there will not be enough to repay the original capital.  Is there anything I can do? Answer:  Endowment mortgages were particularly […]

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What legal information about my company must I include on my website?

Question: My business is run through a limited liability company and I have recently set up a website.  What legal information about the company must I include on the website? Answer: If you are trading as a limited company, there are specific details which must be included on your website.  These details are broadly similar […]

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Legal advice for setting up a new business

Question: I am thinking about setting up a new business.  What legal issues should I be looking out for? Answer:  In the midst of all the current doom and gloom one of the more encouraging signs is the number of people who are setting up their own business.  While I appreciate that everyone is anxious […]

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Bullying in the workplace

Question: I have a very difficult working relationship with my boss.  I feel under constant stress because I get repeated requests with impossible tasks or targets.  Recently my boss has become even more unreasonable and has started using quite aggressive language when I have tried to explain to him that I simply cannot cope.  What […]

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